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How to Make New Years Resolutions Stick

New Year’s Resolutions

It is December 26th and we have 6 more days left of 2017.  This year has been full of unexpected twists and turns.  This is not a political blog, so I will just leave it at that.  

New Year’s always brings a time of self reflection, we measure if we have accomplished what we set out to do or if we have fallen brutally short of our goals.   New Year’s is a time of renewal, the cold frigid air that kills the old life (our mistakes and heartaches) and gives birth to  new and fresh opportunities.   New Year’s is a time when we gladly bid farewell to the old year and eagerly anticipate the new one.  The New Year is full of promise and wonder!

Usually, New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first 30 days of the New Year.  But, what if you chose a New Year’s resolution that was full proof?  A resolution that will revolutionize the way you look at life and the way you approach it?   New Year’s resolutions, need to me SMART.

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.  Many of us set goals or resolutions and we do not accomplish them.  For example, If I want to lose weight, I will set an unrealistic goal such as, I am going to lose 30 pounds in 2 days.  This is not a SMART choice.   

So, how can I make sure I achieve my New Year’s Resolutions?

  1. Write down what you are trying to accomplish.  Is this goal realistic?  For example if you want to become an opera singer and you can not sing.  I want to tell you, you may not be able to accomplish this goal.  However, if  you want to lose weight, this is an attainable goal.  Break up the weight loss goals in bite size accomplishments, make sure you set small goals so you will feel accomplished and keep going.   

  2. Is your time frame realistic?  How much time are you giving yourself to accomplish this goal?  As stated before if you are trying to lose 30 pounds in 2 days, this is impossible and you are setting yourself up for failure.  If you want to lose 30 pounds in 3-6 months, this is attainable.   You may be able to lose more weight within that time frame, however, setting an attainable goal and accomplishing it; will make you want to keep going.

  3. No how will you accomplish this goal? What actions will you take on a daily basis to help you meet this goal? A tip that will help you is, WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN ON PAPER.  If you see your goals on paper or a white board or a planner, you will see it all the time and you will remember what you need to action, to accomplish this goal.

  4. Now that you have decided what your goal is (Specific), decided how you will track your success (Measurable), decided the actions steps that are necessary to (Attain) it and decided if you can (Realistically) accomplish it, Now you need to take action and set a date to finish your goal.

  5. If you first don’t succeed try and try again.  Never ever ever give up.   If you keep plugging away at something, you will eventually become proficient.

I endeavor to keep plugging away at my goals for 2018  The first goal is to stop comparing myself to others.  I am unique and lovely all by myself and each person is uniquely her own person.  As I follow my path and stop looking at others along their path, I will grow in joy and passion, because; as I become more self reflective and aware of what I need to focus on, I will have all I need to accomplish my goals in 2018 and so will you.

Top 5 Reasons to Love Christmas

Top 5 Reason to Love Christmas

It is the most wonderful time of the year.  The week between Christmas and New Years is purely magical.  It is a time when you see friends and family you haven’t seen in years and school age and college students come home!   I love, love, love it.

We love the food, the fellowship and the fun of this season. For those of us who celebrate Christmas as more than a reason to give gifts; it is a spiritual expression of love.

The Top 5 Reasons to Love Christmas

  1. You get an opportunity to spend time with loved ones.  It is one of the only holidays when most of our lives come to a complete stop and we look at our lives and reflect.  We give and exchange gifts, we get a chance to sleep in late and watch old movies and enjoy our loved one’s it is pure magic.

  1. You get gifts!  You get to try on the new clothes, spray on the new perfumes and try new things.  Especially for the ladies who  love to look and smell good.  This is one of our days to shine. We put on our best outfits after slaving over a stove for hours.  We put on our favorite heels (even if just for a moment) for pictures and stage our homes to look like a magazine cover.

    Christmas Tree and Gifts

  1. We let out our inner Martha Stewart.  I homes are decorated with bright lights, and ornaments.   Our dinner tables our decked out in fine linen and china and we have Christmas music and sports playing in the background at the same time.   We can’t wait to see our guests faces light up when they see our Christmas spread.

Holiday Table Setting

  1. We get to take naps.

  1. We eat until we are stuffed and then we take more naps.

Why do you love Christmas?   I love the reason for the season, but I also love the top five choices!

Rev up your Holiday Outfits with these 5 Red Lipsticks

The Holidays are upon us and many of us are frantically looking for the perfect gift, or the perfect accessories for your black dress.   One sure fire way to add drama to your Christmas or New Years look is the use of make-up.   I love this blog post on “5 Red Lipstick Picks for Holiday Makeup Looks.   Enjoy!

5 Red Lipstick Picks for Holiday Makeup Looks

I’m on a serious liquid lipstick binge right now and we all know there’s nothing more festive than a classic red lip for the holidays. Just remember to wear lipsticks with blue undertones, it will make your teeth look whiter!
Unlike my previous lip – source

The Beauty of Purple Handbags for Women

For several years now, purple handbags have been a favorite for most of women around the world. Apparently, there is no indication that the popularity of this product is losing its ground as the fashion industry is always fixated with purple clothing and accessories. There, however, are those women who loathe purple but there are only a few of them.

Purple is absolutely a color that suits everybody. The reason why many women add purple handbags to their purse collections is that they intend to put an emphasis on their several shades of purple clothing. The most well-liked, on the other hand, are the deep purple shades seeing that they provide a magnificent look to those who wear them.

Apparently, there are a lot of shades of purple handbags you can choose from – from the light purple lavender bags to the deep elegant purples handbags. Each has his or her own favorite handbags because of these styles and designs. Add to that, this color underlines a lot of other colors. A purple color is a without a doubt brilliant choice as it will well mix with various colored garbs.

Perfect color – that is how the purple color is considered by many people as it is a mixture of the warmest color of red and the coolest color of blue. In addition, it is identified as an elevating color yet very soothing. These are maybe just some of the few grounds why a lot of people get attracted to the color purple.

Moreover, by just looking at the collections of the big names in the fashion industry, one can easily conclude that the popularity of these purple purses will clearly be around for a long time. Among these fashion designers who add purple purses in their fashion lines are Coach, Fossil, Guess, Kathy Van Zeeland, Dooney and Bourke, Michael Kors and Vera Bradley.

You can choose from a large variety of sizes, styles, and materials just like any other handbags available in different styles. Hobo bags, satchel bags, tote bags, messenger bags and many many more are just among the styles of these handbags. The most popular among them though is leather, however, many of the faux leather now are gaining popularity slightly as well. Also gaining popularity especially for spring and summer are the quilted and cloth handbags. So what are you waiting for, go and grab a purple purse now.

Diamond Bracelet – Personify the Beauty of Your Wrist

Diamond Bracelet – Personify the Beauty of Your Wrist

On your beautiful and delicate wrist nothing can be more deserving than a diamond bracelet. The elegance and style of a bracelet would simply enhance the entire beauty and charm of your personality with a glitter. A woman dressed elegantly with jewelry could feel that something’s missing on her; well undoubtedly it has to be a bracelet with diamonds studded on it. The bracelet would exponentially enhance the beauty of the entire attire that she’s wearing. Something’s just can’t be substituted well one amongst them is a bracelet which sparkles and glorifies the beauty of a woman. As far as varieties of bracelets are concerned there are tennis bracelets, chain bracelets, fashion bracelets and so on and so forth. With such elegant and alluring designs of bracelets in store for you it is not just hard but impossible to move ahead without buying one.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets look extraordinarily beautiful and accentuate the beauty of your delicate wrist. It has a constant design which is a single link crafted from gold, silver or platinum or a combination resulting in two tone and three tone shades, with diamonds or gemstones studded on it. The stones have been neatly arranged in a single row and the design is generally kept simple and classy. It is a designer piece of jewelry and with its classy design it simply accentuates the beauty of the one who wears it.

Bangle bracelets are bracelets without which a woman’ attire is incomplete. No beauty of any sort can substitute the timeless elegance allured by the diamond bangles. Gold bangles have invariable been the in thing since ages. Mainly they come in two styles; one being the pure gold form and the other being the stone studded form. White gold bangle has become extraordinarily popular amongst every girl no matter what style they follow. Silver bangles are a sheer delight to wear as they go along with any and every attire imaginable. Bangles have always been a craze amongst women and now with so much of variety in designs and style, what more could one ask for.

With a diamond bracelet worn, you would need no more accessories for your hand to make them look amazingly beautiful.

Diamond Bracelet – Personify the Beauty of Your Wrist

Makeup Beauty Tips – Find the Time to Obtain Your Natural Beauty Face Even If You Are a Busy Woman

Everyone knows that in today’s rush-around world, it can be difficult to get that natural beauty face and look good at all times. Many women that have professional occupations must look professional, and know how to apply makeup appropriately, but where is the time to put on makeup when you’ve got a husband and two kids to take care of? Most women just can’t pull it off, and don’t bother but I say that with a few tips, anyone can look dazzling at any time of the day.

1 Where to Start.
Firstly, you’re going to need to buy a few basic items like a moisturizer, mascara, blush for your cheeks, and eye shadow. Don’t spend too much or go robbing shops blind when you’re in a rush to get to work.

2 Dry Faces.
Above all things, moisturizer for your skin is what any skin needs. You don’t want a dry face, hands, or body if you want to look good. If you don’t want to put on the other basic items, just dab your nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead with a bit accordingly.

3 Take your Time with a Wet Sponge.
Now take a damp towel or wet sponge and smooth over the makeup until it’s blended into your skin. Watch out for your chin, jaw line, and hairline-don’t be hasty in applying makeup, as this will take a long time. Remember to rub in the makeup upward-downward means you’re exposing wrinkles.

4 No Multi-colored Eye Shadow.
Another beauty suggestion is to not use multiple colors of eye shadow. Multi-colored eyes aren’t too appealing, and you’re not trying out for America’s Next Top Model. Your goal is to look good in short periods of time-check to make sure your eyes are encircled by makeup, and that they only show occasionally.

5 Get Close to your Eye.
Apply only a bit of eye shadow on your eyelid, and obviously don’t let it in your eye. Then add a small amount of cosmetic eyelash improver to your eyelids. Your eyes now look spectacular!

6 Turning Red.
Next, you should put a small amount of blush onto your cheeks and brush it towards your ears. Adding lipstick to your lips doesn’t hurt either-know that you can walk out the door satisfied and prepared for whatever lies ahead.

In less than five minutes, you should be able to apply all the makeup you wish, provided you follow these tips. Remember that it’s not how much you apply, but how you apply it.

Grow Eyelashes In Weeks and Add Beauty With Idol Lash

Are you happy with what you see when you look into the mirror? Certainly one of the most important features on anyone’s face is their eyes, this particularly true with women. One method that women use to enhance the beauty of your eyes is to use their eyelashes as an accessory. Eyelashes that are longer, thicker, darker, and more glamorous are easy to achieve with Idol Lash.

What is Idol lash?

Idol Lash is a revolutionary new type of product called an eyelash enhancer. It is very easy to use and the result is stunningly beautiful eyelashes. Most women are amazed at how well the product works in just 4 short weeks.

How does it work?

Idol Lash eyelash enhancer is a 100% natural blend of moisturizers and minerals. These ingredients are used to condition both the skin and the hairs on your eyelids prompting growth. Applied just once per day, in the evening before bedtime, it will produce results in as little as two weeks.

Today women spend a great deal of time and money on products for their eyes to include eyelashes and eyebrows. With the use of an eyelash enhancer you can eliminate the use of several products, saving time and saving money.

Styles and trends change all the time, however beautiful eyes are always to be considered in fashion. And when you have natural longer eyelashes, you will always have beautiful eyes. It is a good choice to invest in an eyelash enhancer that can make your eyelashes grow longer naturally.

How To Achieve The Perfect Manicure For Strong Beautiful Nails

If you pride yourself on your natural nails, then this is the perfect manicure for you; in fact, it’s probably what you should indulge yourself in at least once a week to keep your nails strong and beautiful.

Even if you keep your nails at a shorter, more active length and especially if you use artificials, this process will help keep your natural nails and beds strong and healthy.

Now, you can go to a salon every week or two for a basic manicure and a fresh coat of polish, and that’s fun to do if you have the time and money.

But some beginning home manicurists really need to learn the basic steps to proper care and health of their nails so they’re properly prepped for applying whatever art designs they’ve decided to try.

So these are the beauty supplies you should have on hand for your home manicure and the steps to follow to get your nails ready for your polishes and art. All of these supplies can be purchased at your local department store and possibly even “dollar stores” in your area for the most savings.

  • A bowl of warm water with some mild liquid soap: opens the pores and loosens cuticles
  • Cotton balls or cotton pads: use with polish remover to remove old polish
  • Nail polish remover (non-acetone for artificials): Removes old polish and removes cuticle oils after the manicure
  • Fresh dry towel: to pat dry your hands after soaking
  • Orange stick: cleaning under the nails and removing overgrown cuticles
  • Nail clippers: cutting nails down if needed; safer and better trim than scissors
  • Emery boards or files: trimming and shaping
  • Nail buffers: removing surface ridges
  • Nail polish base coat and top coat: the final touches

And here’s what you do for a salon perfect manicure at home:

Use the cotton balls or pads to remove your polish then clean your nails. If you’re taking your time and having nothing else planned but your manicure, you can leave your hands soaking in the soapy water for a few minutes after you remove the polish.

Use cuticle oil around the cuticles to help soften them after soaking them. This also helps loosen the cuticles to push them back.

Clean underneath your nails and around the cuticles with the orange stick. Use the orange stick push the cuticles back.

Clip and shape your nails. You may not need to clip them if you are in fact letting them grow longer. But sometimes wear on the ends depending on what you’re doing with them and need to be reshaped. If you’re using artificials and need to keep your natural nails clipped short, be sure to file them a little to make them smooth around the edges.

Be sure to only file your natural nails in one direction at a time, starting from the sides and moving to the middle. This one-way motion will keep them from splitting.

Buff the top of your nails with the buffer. If you have any ridges in the nail bed, you can buff them smooth so your polish and any art looks smooth. Polishes will go on much nicer if there aren’t any surface ridges.

Remove any excess cuticle oil or creams with non-acetone polish remover to get ready for polishing. If you’re not planning on using a color polish or doing any art designs, you can apply one or two coats of a clear base or top coat and you’re done. Otherwise, apply one to two coats of base coat and then move on to whatever nail art technique you have planned for the day.
This is the perfect manicure to do at least once a week not only for nail beauty but to keep your nails looking their best, even with artificial nails or tips.