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Top 5 Reasons to Love Christmas

Top 5 Reason to Love Christmas

It is the most wonderful time of the year.  The week between Christmas and New Years is purely magical.  It is a time when you see friends and family you haven’t seen in years and school age and college students come home!   I love, love, love it.

We love the food, the fellowship and the fun of this season. For those of us who celebrate Christmas as more than a reason to give gifts; it is a spiritual expression of love.

The Top 5 Reasons to Love Christmas

  1. You get an opportunity to spend time with loved ones.  It is one of the only holidays when most of our lives come to a complete stop and we look at our lives and reflect.  We give and exchange gifts, we get a chance to sleep in late and watch old movies and enjoy our loved one’s it is pure magic.

  1. You get gifts!  You get to try on the new clothes, spray on the new perfumes and try new things.  Especially for the ladies who  love to look and smell good.  This is one of our days to shine. We put on our best outfits after slaving over a stove for hours.  We put on our favorite heels (even if just for a moment) for pictures and stage our homes to look like a magazine cover.

    Christmas Tree and Gifts

  1. We let out our inner Martha Stewart.  I homes are decorated with bright lights, and ornaments.   Our dinner tables our decked out in fine linen and china and we have Christmas music and sports playing in the background at the same time.   We can’t wait to see our guests faces light up when they see our Christmas spread.

Holiday Table Setting

  1. We get to take naps.

  1. We eat until we are stuffed and then we take more naps.

Why do you love Christmas?   I love the reason for the season, but I also love the top five choices!